Chief1 Smile Linda!2 Prep day3 Jeff, Prep day 4 Patti & Gene getting ready5 img_08276 Helpers getting ready 7 Staging for the big sale8 Staging for the big sale9 Staging for the big sale10 Tom unloading and ready to roll11 Annie loading12 Lynette loading13 Marilyn loading14 Patti unloading15 Heather unloading16 First Day Pandamonium!17 Sharon, Mary, Ray & Ruth18 Ruth and Ray19 Plants20 More plants!21 Jennifer, Cynthia and Gail22 Alan, Pat and Donn23 Master Gardener friends forever24 Let's do this!25 img_022726 Let's do this!27 Ready to meet customers!28 Lunch time for hard workers. Ruth, Annie, Bob and Donn29 Pat helping customers30 Marilyn and her purchases31 Mill tests soil32 Plant Sale  - Day 233 img_025334 Bob loading Cathy's car35 Eileen, Annabelle, and Kathy36 Nothing stops a MG on a mission37 Pat and Jeff unloading38 This is only one of Cathy's carts39 Eileen40 Yum41 Linda42 img_022043 Sue and Chief44 Jeff unloading45 6Doris prepaing for the crowd46 Bob and his signs47 Cathy's special MG apron48 Helpful Bob49
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