UC Plant Problem Diagnostic Tool

Welcome to UC IPM’s Plant Problem Diagnostic Tool


To begin, choose the affected plant from the Plant Types photos displayed in the center of the page. Click on the photo directly or use the “+ Add to my list” button. Your selection will show in the left-hand column and will be grayed out in the main photo area. Remove any selections that do not apply by clicking on the red .

Next, click on the Plant Names bar on the left to view a list of plants in your chosen category. Scroll down through the choices until you find your affected plant, then add the plant to your list. Note: you may also view bigger versions of images by clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Once you’ve selected your plant, choose the Plant Parts bar from the left hand menu and select one or more of the affected plant parts. Click on Damage to see descriptions, then select the damage type(s) that apply to your plant to add them to the list.

Finally, click the View Results bar underneath your selections in the left hand panel to see the diagnoses.

The more you can narrow down your selections by choosing plant names, plant parts, and damage, the fewer potential results you’ll get and the faster you will be able to find the pest or problem affecting your plant. If your search is too broad, the results will be large.

To reset your search and start over, select the Reset All bar. To return to the main UC IPM Home and Landscape page, click on “Home, garden, turf and landscape” in the green bar at the top of the page.