Yamhill County Master Gardener Association

Volunteers growing a better county


Yamhill County Master Gardeners available for speaking on the following topics:

Michael O’Loughlin
  • Bees and Pollinators
  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles
  • Wild Life
  • Beetle Banks
Anna Ashley
  • Winter Gardening
  • Composting
  • Fruits and Berries
  • Ask about other topics
Sharon Dietrichson
  • Gourds
Rekha Loomba
  • Making Leis
Gail Price & Norm Jacobs
  • Propagation
  • Ask about other topics
Donn Callaham
  • Owl Pellets
Rita Canales
  • Worm composting
Marsha Sherry
  • Container Gardens
  • Hyper Tuffa
  • Landscape Design
Alan Wenner
  • Tomatoes

Trallee Mandonka
  • Soil Prep
  • Raised Beds
  • Maintenance
  • Pest IPM
Clay Wesson
  • Permiculture
  • Ask about other topics

To contact our speakers, click on their name. An email will be autogenerated in which you can make a request.


Upcoming Events

Nov 15 - 6:45pm - 8pm
Native Plant Society Talk
"Conserving Native Seeds for Metro Parks".

To be held at McMinnville Public Library (Carnegie Rm.)

Nov 19 - 11am
Webinar: "The weird and Wonder World of Plant Galls" - more info to follow

Check out the OSU Gardening Radio program "To the Root of It" with Ray Van Blaricom and Kyle Hunter most Saturday's at 9am on McMinnville's KLYC 1260 Radio Station

Also check out one of the many community project we support, the McMinnville Community Garden