2024 – Spring into Gardening

2024 – Spring into Gardening

This year’s Spring into Gardening is coming!

Saturday March 16th – 8:45am – 4pm, (check-in 8:15- 8:45am)

Held at The Church on the Hill – 700 NW Hill Rd, McMinnville

(Register below)

This year’s theme is “Gardening for your Table”

This year’s lineup includes:

Keynote Speaker: Darren Morgan – Grow what you will eat, eat what you can grow!

Why do we choose to grow food?  Everyone who does has a reason; most have more than one – security, self-sufficiency, tradition, economic, emotional, and social.  But life is a matter of choices, and gardening is no exception.  Resources such as money, land, water, and time are limited, so it is important that we use them well.  This talk is about making choices – growing what you enjoy, growing enough but not too much, and selecting efficient crops and techniques to help you live off your garden without living in your garden.

Classes: (See Speaker Bios here)

Session 1 – 10:30 AM-11:45

Todd Anderson – Broadening Your Plant Palette

As gardeners, we often wish for what we think we cannot have. For many, this can be hard to locate ingredients from their heritage, a spinach alternative for late summer, or unique plants for a sunbaked flower bed. This presentation will give an overview of creating appropriate microclimates and extending the season using common gardening techniques to grow tropical and subtropical edibles at a home. We will cover a broad range of topics such as tropical herbs, leafy greens, Chili peppers, Tomatillos, sweet potatoes, and Asian beans and gourds. We will also cover how the same techniques have been applied to perennials like fuzzy kiwi, potted citrus and hardy banana in our climate, and avoiding potential invasive plants.

Bruce Gravins –  Growing Tomatoes and Peppers

We will discuss seeding, up potting, soil prep, planting, sun protection, harvest, and storage of tomatoes and peppers.

Kelly Muller, Patty Basey, Janice Gregg – Food Preservation Made Easy

Do you want to enjoy the flavors and nutrients of local fruits, veggies, and herbs throughout the year?   If so, come learn tips for safe and easy food preservation, from freezing to fermentation.

Session 2 – 1:00 PM-2:15 PM

Bruce Gravins – Garlic, Onions, and Leeks

We will discuss seeding, planting, soil prep., planting, harvest, curing, and storage of garlic, onions, shallots, and leeks.

Jeff Cope – Growing Fruits in Small Spaces

As our garden spaces are becoming smaller and our time in the garden in shorter supply, growing our favorite fruits in small spaces is a challenge.  It is also a growing trend. In this talk we will explore methods of keeping fruit trees small, what small fruits you can consider, and maximizing production and variety you grow.

Alanna Lambert – Incorporate Edibles in Your Containers

Planting up spring containers offers a plethora of opportunities to incorporate edible plants for enjoyment throughout the entire growing season!  We will explore different ways to place edible plants in ornamental, yet unexpected ways. From leafy greens to edible flowers, and especially herbs!  Finally, we will go through the design process used to create one of our favorite ways to celebrate spring up at Durant: our edible Easter ‘basket’, with the hopes that you will be inspired to create a special piece to welcome the arrival of spring on your own!

Session 3 – 2:30 PM-3:45 PM

Bruce Gravins –  Seed Saving of Tomatoes and Peppers

We will discuss saving vegetable seeds in general, dealing with cross pollination, when to collect and how to clean and store seeds.  We will do a deep dive into collecting pepper and tomato seeds.

Erica Chernoh – Growing Strawberries in the Home Garden

Growing strawberries in the home garden can be a fruitful endeavor but comes with a few challenges. This presentation will focus on site conditions, cultivar selection, and planting, growing and harvesting strawberries. Whether grown in the ground or a container, strawberries are an excellent choice for home gardeners.

Linda Brewer – Easy Backyard Composting – No Turning Required

This presentation will cover the basics of decomposition, cold compost management, understanding when it’s ready to use and when and how to apply completed compost. No prior experience or knowledge is required. Come prepared to have fun with this dynamic speaker!

Registration $25 –Snacks Included with registration
$12 Lunch Optional  –You may bring your own lunch
Registration closes on March 9th. Registration is refundable 3 weeks prior to the event
Walk-ins are welcome, however lunch will not be available.

Our raffle contains a variety of local garden products, services, Garden art, hotel stays, wine, and more! Credit and debit cards are welcome, but cash is preferred.

Profits fund continuing education for Yamhill County residents & college scholarships for YC high school seniors.



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