2023 – Spring into Gardening

2023 – Spring into Gardening

Saturday March 18th – 8:45am – 4pm, (check-in 8:15- 8:45am)

Held at The Church on the Hill – 700 NW Hill Rd, McMinnville

On-line registration is now closed (See Forminator for Registrations Page). Walk-ins the day of the event are still welcome, however Workshops and lunch will not be available.

This year, Spring into Gardening is back to in-person classes and workshops! This year’s lineup includes:

Keynote Speaker: James Cassidy – Soil! – What it is & How it works…

It’s ALL about soil! Most people only have a vague idea of what soil is and how it works.  You will learn more than you ever thought possible from this lecture.  The reason you are alive, what nutrients are, how soil stores water and nutrients.  The fundamentals that ALL humans on the planet Earth should know!


Native Plants for Your Garden: Linda McMahan

Learn about native plants for all styles of gardening and how to support pollinators, wildlife, and water conservation, all with bits of history and popular culture.

Garden and Forest Pests in Oregon: Jessica Rendon

Jessica will discuss how to identify and manage azalea lace bug and jumping worms in Oregon. She’ll also introduce you to our newest forest invader, the Emerald Ash Borer and ODA’s new survey for protecting our pollinators.

Wildfire in your Landscape: Aaron Groth

This talk will cover what individuals can do to protect their homes from wildfire such as tree pruning, plant spacing, and plant choices (e.g., fire-resistant plants).

Pollinators: Janet Magedenz

Learn what to grow for a 4-season blooming garden of bulbs, annuals, perennials, and shrubs that provide beautiful blooms for your pleasure and for the pleasure and nourishment of pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

 Drought-tolerant shrubs for year round interest in the Willamette Valley: Neil Bell

The summer-dry climate of the Willamette Valley presents a challenge to growing some commonly-available shrubs where irrigation is not available. To help landscape those situations, this presentation will illustrate a wide range of shrubs of various sizes that can be grown without irrigation and will provide interest in the garden throughout the year.

Dry Gardening for Vegetable Crops: Darren Morgan

Many vegetable crops need less water than you think, and some can be grown without any water input at all. Learn about appropriate sites and crops, as well as some tips and tricks for successful un-irrigated gardening.

Optional Workshops

Seed Starting: Sue Nesbitt

Learn some of the concepts necessary to successfully start vegetables and annual flowers from seed. Then using materials provided, practice these techniques by planting seeds you will take home to grow. You will also make seed tapes and inexpensive paper pots.

Sedum Topiary: Rita Canales & Linda Coakley

Learn how to create a succulent and sedum topiary ball. Supplies will be provided for you to create your own topiary to take home.

Profits fund continuing education for Yamhill County residents & college scholarships for YC high school seniors.

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